Hello – Your team at Pearce Marketing comprises Emma Pearce, Sophie Curtis, Chloe Stamp and Katie Hill.

Here’s a quick intro to each of us …

Emma Pearce

Marketing Consultant, Social Media Trainer and Speaker

I set up Pearce Marketing Consultants in 2008 to offer businesses an affordable and flexible outsourced marketing service that gets results.  Pearce Marketing Consultants is based in Hailsham near Eastbourne, East Sussex.  We work with start-up, small and medium sized businesses in East Sussex and the wider area.

It is such a pleasure to help business owners feel in control of their marketing and see the rewards of their more structured, targeted and measurable activities. We also enjoy training our clients in various aspects of marketing – from email marketing, to the essential search engine optimisation (SEO) tasks and social media.

I am blessed with a great team – we work very hard, have fun together and support the Now! Charity Group in our local area as much as we can. In 2016 we even did the Tough Mudder obstacle course to raise money!  

As well as being a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), I am also on the Database of Preferred Suppliers of Marketing Consulting Services for MAS (Manufacturing Advisory Service) in the South East and an approved consultant for the Growth Accelerator and Growth Vouchers Programmes. With Government changes, not all these schemes are currently running, but we always try to ensure we can help our clients with funding for marketing.

You can see marketing and networking tips in our blog, as well as the columns I was invited to write for the Platinum Business Magazine and ACES magazines in Sussex.   

I really enjoy speaking and have a strong reputation for being a good presenter at business conferences, training workshops and networking events.   Typically I present on topics such as marketing planning, digital marketing checklists, Facebook advertising and an introduction to SEO  – find out more.  If you know any events looking for marketing talks in East Sussex, please let me know!

I am an experienced marketer. I have been working in commercial marketing positions since 1994, including jobs with large corporates such as IBM, as well as regional companies in diverse sectors. My career has taken me to London, overseas and back to my home county of East Sussex. I have a degree in marketing and a CIM diploma. I am also a wife and mother of two children and a rescue dog from Crete! I confess to be being a big fan of Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand and a lover of Thai food.

I look forward to meeting you…

Before working at Pearce Marketing, what was the most interesting job you’ve ever had?

Well the most unusual was a short term job on a cattle station (the size of Wales) in the Northern Territory in Australia. As a backpacker, I stopped for a while to be a cook on an outstation – feeding the Jackaroos and Jillaroos 4 times a day, as well as the pigs (twice a day!). Great experience.

Favourite Travel Destination?

Oh that’s hard. I love travelling. I’ve enjoyed lots of very different places … I went to Florence and Cuba in 2017 which were both great. I am taking my husband and children to Thailand in 2018 for their first taste of Asia. I’d really like to take them to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia at some point in the future. It’s still a favourite experience of mine from backpacking years ago. It’s hard to beat for colour, coral and fish.

Alive or Dead, who are the 2 people you would have at a dinner party?

Who decided on these questions?! :-) Should I choose inventors or entertainers, those with amazing life stories or explorers? I saw Ranulph Fiennes speak at a conference and I’d love to know more about how he faced the incredible situations he found himself in. I think Barack Obama would be very interesting too. After dinner entertainment from a British comic and Michael Buble would be fun…

Favourite movie

My favourite family movie of recent times with my children has been Get Santa. It’s a 2014 British-made Christmas comedy film – brilliant for everyone to watch. You’ll laugh at the farting reindeer and Santa being broken out of jail – trust me.

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Sophie Curtis

Marketing Consultant and Social Media Trainer

I joined Pearce Marketing in September 2014 as a first class honours marketing graduate. My degree and previous work experience, including working for a start-up AV company, has really fuelled my passion for marketing.

I love working with such a range of clients including training companies, hotels/restaurants, farm shops, care homes and more. I am involved in a variety of marketing activities, manage many client projects and carry out lots of social media training sessions. I thoroughly enjoy working with SME’s – it’s great to see the difference we can make for them! My favourite part of marketing is being creative and helping companies utilise new marketing avenues such as social media or email marketing. I also really enjoy doing SEO for websites and seeing the good results on Google 6 weeks later!

Before working at Pearce Marketing, what was the most interesting job you’ve ever had?

I used to be a lifeguard at a special education school. Many of the children there had learning or medical difficulties including autism, epilepsy and hearing impairments. It was a challenging job and lots of ‘in and out the water’, but it was a fantastic experience.

Favourite Travel Destination?

I have two… The Akrotiri of Crete – it’s beautiful, hot and it’s where we rescued my dog Ozzie and Emma’s dog Bear (and many others)! The other is St. Anton in the Austrian alps as it’s small, romantic and the skiing (and apres ski) is some of the best I’ve experienced.

Alive or Dead, who are the 2 people you would have at a dinner party?

David Attenborough to hear all about his adventures and Joanna Lumley as the character Patsy from Ab Fab. Maybe not both guests at the same time though…

Favourite movie

The Prestige!

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Chloe Stamp

Marketing Assistant

In September 2017 I joined the Pearce Marketing team. I have a Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing.

My working background includes working in an Estate Agent in a marketing and sales role, also in retail at supervisor level.

It’s really great to be working with Emma and the team on varied marketing projects and meeting clients.

Before working at Pearce Marketing, what was the most interesting job you’ve ever had?

I was a dancer for 12 years and from this I ended up teaching young children Ballet and Tap. This was very rewarding, especially when you saw how happy they were once they had learnt a new routine and could remember it with no help.

Favourite Travel Destination?

Travelling and seeing new countries is one of my favourite things to do so I couldn’t pick just one… My most recent destination I travelled to was Meloneras, in Gran Canaria. It was hot, peaceful and this part of the island is particular pretty with boutique shops and lots of friendly local people. Another is Rome, Italy which is the opposite of the above as it’s so busy and buzzing with people. It’s very picturesque with the buildings and sites. One of my favourite things was to explore the hidden streets in the city.

Alive or Dead, who are the 2 people you would have at a dinner party?

Karen Brady as she would have good business advice and lots of interesting stories about people she has worked with. My other guest would be Florence Welch, from Florence and the Machine as she would be good entertainment at a dinner party. I love her singing voice especially when she sings A cappella!

Favourite movie

Anything that is a musical… My favourite is Dirty Dancing, I could watch it over and over again!

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Katie Hill

Marketing and Office Administrator

In September 2017 I joined the Pearce Marketing team.

I am a graduate from UWE with a 2:1 in Media and Culture Practice. This course allowed me to develop my photography and video skills as well as training in blogging and design.

My working background is in hospitality management and administration.

I am looking forward to being a part of the Pearce Marketing team and developing new skills within a marketing role.

Before working at Pearce Marketing, what was the most interesting job you’ve ever had?

One of my first jobs was helping at my local horse riding stables. I would mostly be in charge of feeding, grooming and cleaning the horses and their stables. It wasn’t the most glamorous job but I loved working with horses. Every day was challenge, horses really do have a mind of their own, but are a lot of fun as well.

Favourite Travel Destination?

I can’t pick just one! Earlier this year I travelled to Copenhagen in Denmark. It’s an absolutely beautiful city with a lovely contrast between interesting architecture and stunning countryside. The people are so friendly and welcoming too! My first holiday abroad was to Mauritius and I would love to go back there someday too, there is so much to explore and see.

Alive or Dead, who are the 2 people you would have at a dinner party?

My first choice would be Professor Brian Cox. I have always been a fan of this shows and books, I find them really fascinating. My second choice would be presenter Mel Giedroyc. I’ve seen her on a few TV shows and think she is really funny, it certainly would be an entertaining night.

Favourite movie

I love a good Sci-Fi/thriller film it is my go to genre, so I would have to say any from the Alien sequel.

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In January 2015 we moved into our first purpose built office space.