Marketing funding for Manufacturers

35% Marketing Funding for Manufacturers in East Sussex, Essex and Kent from Pearce Marketing

Would you like 35% marketing funding for external support for your manufacturing business?

If you are making, producing or assembling a product of any sort (and an SME), do get in touch with Robin Simpson to find out more about marketing funding for manufacturers in East Sussex – 07773 228147 or email Act now – the last marketing funding proposals must be signed off by the end of March 2019.

The range of products under the ‘manufacturing’ heading is vast and diverse – it even includes food and printing as well as classic production line operations – eg from Plastics, Paper, Printing, Glass, Ceramics, Footwear, Clothing, Luggage, Carpets and Perfumes to Jewellery, Bikes, Tractors, Trailers, Caravans and Boats. More specific to East Sussex and Kent, it includes products such as pumps, taps and valves, optical equipment, precision instruments, electronics, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs… and beer! Processing of Food and Drink – everything from bread to butter, pasta to pastry, meat to mussels, and cider to citrus juice – is often overlooked, but is also covered by these grants.


Marketing Funding via The Manufacturing Growth Programme

The Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP) is a European Union funded initiative, aimed at boosting growth within the manufacturing sector. It is aimed at small to medium-sized businesses (‘SMEs’). It offers funding for a manufacturer towards the cost of external advice/consultancy to support their growth – including marketing funding.

The programme commenced in selected areas in October 2016 and was extended to the South East corner of England 12 months ago in April 2017 – covering the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) area of East Sussex, Essex and Kent. Since then, financial support has been provided for over 150 different projects in this region alone, resulting in almost £250,000 worth of grants being allocated to local companies.

How much marketing funding can I get?

“You can receive 35% funding! The amount of marketing funding provided is a just above a third of the project value, with a minimum of £1000 to a maximum of £1500 funding per project. The typical grant is £1500 – so at 35% of project cost, that equates to a project total maximum value of £4285. However, total project values can be as low as £2000 and businesses will still receive funding.

The application process is quick and easy, with support provided throughout by an independent Manufacturing Growth Manager (MGM). A business must pay out the money and then claim it back.

The Manufacturing Growth Programme is a great opportunity for owners and managers to gain some financial support towards the cost of an expert’s knowledge and time, which can lead to massive improvements within their business.”

– Robin Simpson, the MGM for East Sussex and Kent

What type of costs are covered with this marketing funding?

One of the prime areas of support is helping businesses with the cost of their marketing –  largely through the development of a clear and coherent Marketing Plan. Robin added,

“Helping a business to define who their existing and potential new customers are, as well as how to effectively target these people with the right messages about their business and its products, can significantly increase sales.”

There is also support for other business functions beyond marketing.

Find out more today by contacting Robin on 07773 228147 or email

We are helping a number of diverse companies with marketing support using this marketing funding route for manufacturers. Good luck!

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