If you are looking for a GDPR Consultant based in East Sussex, we would love to help you. We promise to deliver clear and practical advice that will ensure your marketing is compliant. Please contact us for a chat.

Pearce Marketing has an office in Hailsham near Eastbourne, East Sussex – and works with SME businesses across the county, including Bexhill, Hastings, Crowborough, Lewes and surrounding areas. We can work further afield too.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25 May 2018. There is no grace period. It is essential that you get organised and avoid potential fines!

GDPR directly impacts all businesses – no matter what size you are and whether you are undertaking direct marketing activities or not.

With GDPR being such a confusing minefield it was very reassuring to receive guidance from Emma Pearce.  I was blown away by just how thorough the report was. It was a relief that detailed wording and instructions were provided. Had I attempted to do all of this on my own it would have taken so much longer and stopped me actually getting on with the day job. Money very well spent.
-Donna Fielder, Operations Manager, Switchplane

Don’t panic – we can help!

Use our GDPR Consultant Service to help your business be compliant. Save yourself hours of time with our cost-effective and professional support. You’ll soon have everything in order!

Please contact us for more details.

Thank you to the very professional Emma Pearce. Your GDPR marketing talk was fantastic!

– Penina Shepherd, ACUMEN Business Law.

You are the first person I have come across who can explain GDPR in clear terms that even I can understand.

– Martin Ellis, Headhunter, RSE Group.


What does our GDPR Consultant Service cover?

Our GDPR Consultant Service covers a number of areas. Since we are marketing specialists, our core offering is directly related to all aspects of marketing:

  • A GDPR marketing audit
    • We will help you to ascertain which of your sales and marketing activities will be impacted by GDPR. We will discuss your client types, your marketing activities, how you collect and use personal data, what database and consent records you keep, who you share data with and more.
  • GDPR report and recommendations
    • You will receive a detailed report that includes:
      • clear advice and wording about how to gain consent in a compliant manner across your marketing activities (website, email, exhibitions etc.)
      • practical guidance on how to record, store, amend and delete consent properly
      • privacy policy instruction (you need a new GDPR compliant version)
      • your responsibilities for training staff (we can run a team briefing/training session for you if required)
      • advice regarding contracts/agreements that are required with data processors involved in your business and marketing activities. A business is the Data Controller for its data.  If you use an outsourced marketing support service, virtual assistant or other third party in the processing of your data, they are a Data Processor.
      • GDPR checklists and signposting for legal, IT and HR requirements
  • GDPR implementation
    • eg making changes on your website, ensuring Mailchimp email marketing platform is all set up correctly, creating your master consent record forms etc. 
  • GDPR briefings for staff 
    • staff must be briefed as part of your compliance. Why not ask us to come in and train your team on GDPR generally, as well as how it affects their tasks?
Thank you for the support and guidance you gave us through the GDPR compliance process. Wendy, Sophie and I found working with you a pleasure and you seriously helped make the whole process much less arduous.
-Robert Gietzen, Commercial Services Director, Identity Group

Please contact us for more details.

You can arrange a meeting at our office in Hailsham near Eastbourne, East Sussex or we can visit your premises.

We have invested in extensive support from a business law firm to ensure we make recommendations that are as accurate as possible.  However, we do not provide legal advice. You should seek your own legal support for the specifics of your organisation as required.

We look forward to working with you on your GDPR marketing consent and much more.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about GDPR or any of our marketing services. Thank you.