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The GDPR comes into force in:

If you are looking for a GDPR Consultant based in East Sussex, we would love to help. Pearce Marketing has an office in Eastbourne, East Sussex – and works with SME businesses across the county, including Bexhill, Hastings, Crowborough, Lewes and surrounding areas.

If you would like clear and practical advice to ensure you get the correct GDPR marketing consent in place, as well as compliant marketing processes and a checklist for legal, IT and HR issues, please contact us for a chat.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25 May 2018. There is no grace period. It is essential that you get organised and avoid potential fines!


Don’t panic – we can help!


We will be offering a GDPR Consultant Service to help your business be compliant. Save yourself hours of time with our cost-effective and professional support. You’ll soon have everything in order! GDPR Compliance - GDPR Consultant East Sussex

We have invested in extensive support from a business law firm to ensure we make recommendations that are as accurate as possible.  However, we do not provide legal advice. You should seek your own legal advice for the specifics of your organisation as required.

You can rest assured that Pearce Marketing itself will be a GDPR compliant organisation by 25 May 2018.

Please contact us for more details.

You could also see Emma from Pearce Marketing speaking at several events about GDPR.


You are the first person I have come across who can explain GDPR in clear terms that even I can understand.

– Martin Ellis, Headhunter, RSE Group, Total Talent Management Company (Robertsbridge, East Sussex)


What does our GDPR Consultant Service cover?


Our GDPR Consultant Service covers a number of areas – see the list below. Since we are marketing specialists, our core offering is directly related to all aspects of marketing.


GDPR – Marketing


  • A marketing and database marketing review/audit. We will help you to ascertain which of your sales and marketing activities will be impacted by GDPR. We will review the databases you use now to understand how you obtained consent to contact those people originally and see what specific data you hold about each person now. This will enable us to determine if your data is compliant or not with the new data protection rules. If not, you can’t contact the people on your database (eg by email, phone, text/SMS, direct mail) for marketing purposes after 25 May 2018, unless you regain consent before 25 May. (You may need to ask a few times – so start now!)


  • Clear advice and wording about how to gain consent in a compliant manner. Ensure you give a clear and specific purpose for how their data will be used (ie what they are signing up/agreeing to) and provide itemised options for methods of contact (email, phone, text, direct mail). This must be done via a clear and affirmative action (no pre-ticked boxes!). We can help you ensure that this is applied across all your sales and marketing activities – from your account forms, website, social media and telemarketing, to your signage at exhibition stands and your processes after attending networking events. You must also ensure that there is a clear and obvious link to your privacy policy where the consent form is displayed.


  • Checklist and practical guidance on how to record, store, amend and delete consent properly.  It is very important to keep your proof of consent in the right way and with all the details required. You must also action requests by individuals to change their details. You need to ensure it is just as easy for people to know how to opt-out.


  • Privacy Policy check – is it GDPR compliant? Are you providing links to this policy in all the places you should?


  • Education of staff – the regulations state that you must train your staff.  We can provide advice for the education of your staff about GDPR responsibilities – some habits may need to change!  Why not ask us to run a briefing session for your team?


  • Advice regarding contracts/agreements that may be required with sub-processors involved your marketing activities. A business is the Data Controller for its data.  If you use an outsourced marketing support service, virtual assistant or other third party in the processing of your data, they are a Data Processor. They may use MailChimp, or other email marketing tool, to help process your data. MailChimp would be a Sub-Processor used by your Data Processor. You will need to ensure all Processors and Sub-Processors can guarantee that they have implemented the appropriate technical and organisational measures for GDPR compliance. Is their IT system secure, are they training all staff, do they understand GDPR so that they are processing your data correctly? We can provide training for your team and your sub-processors.


GDPR – Checklists and signposting for Legal, IT and HR


  • Legal responsibilities checklist- including contracts/agreements with your suppliers who need to be GDPR compliant (eg Bookkeeper, Accountant, HR Consultant). We can also signpost you to a legal specialists.
  • IT framework checklist and referrals to experts in this area
  • HR requirements checklist and who you could contact for further detail in this area


Please contact us for more details.

You can arrange a meeting at our office in Eastbourne, East Sussex or we can visit your premises.

We look forward to working with you. Please get in touch if you have any questions about GDPR or any of our marketing services. Thank you.

Whether you need just an hour of help, a plan or regular outsourced support, we are passionate about understanding your customers and delivering cost-effective and measurable marketing activities.